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Develop a Money Maker Mindset...

...Take the fear and mystery out of finances and money.  Discover and understand your memories and biases to gain insight into the financial choices you make.

Coaching and personalized analysis to provide you with support in understanding your finances and obtaining your financial goals without fear of judgment!

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So, how do you feel about your finances?

Maybe you feel...

We get it!

Overwhelmed when faced with a financial decision, leading to inaction.


A desire to try and invest in ETFs but you have no idea how or where to begin.


Scared of retirement, unsure if you have saved enough.


Disappointment over not achieving your financial goals. 


Anxiety about unexpected expenses and their impact on your budget. 


Stress from living paycheck to paycheck.

That's why A Money Maker Mindset provides you with the tools and knowledge to change your financial narrative!

Would you like to feel...

You're in good company!

Empowered about your financial decisions?

Hopeful about improving your situation?

Confident about reaching your financial goals?

Satisfaction over knowing you will achieve your financial goals?

Connect today to take control of your financial future!

Take the first step to your financial future

Whether you're looking for assistance with a financial client, looking to learn why you make the financial decisions that you do, or are seeking guidance to set you on the best path for you in your work or life - I have a coaching service for you!

Financial Psychology Assessments

Advice-Only Financial Planning

Financial Coaching

Why does a Money Maker Mindset matter?

My name is Lori Curtiss.

I started a Money Maker Mindset because I understand the scary realities of personal finance. We all have deep-seated beliefs about money and finances that can hold us back from making the best financial decisions. By working with a Financial Coach, you can uncover your own money biases and develop the skills to change the stories you tell yourself about money. Let's work together to create a healthier, more confident approach to your finances. Contact me today to start your journey towards financial empowerment!

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Steve (business owner)

Lori: thanks for leading me through the personal psychology assessment! The process was fun and it looked at things through a unique lens that was very insightful. The assessment applies to everyone regardless of their age and where they are at on their financial journey. You were great to confirm some of my strengths and point out potential blind spots for me as I plan the rest of my financial future.  


If you struggle with feeling confident about achieving your financial goals or just are curious about why you have certain financial habits, you need to contact Lori Curtiss. I did, and it opened my eyes and gave me insight and I’m now more focused and cognizant about my spending habits to make my retirement dreams happen!


This assessment was really powerful in helping me understand my money mindset and some of
my deep-seeded beliefs about money. The exercises made me uncomfortable (in the best way)
and really helped me see what is standing in my way of a positive money mindset. It allowed
me to reflect and dream. Throughout the process, Lori was compassionate, judgement-free, and
really wanted to help.
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